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Greenwood County

Ambassador Program

What is a 4-H Ambassador?

Ambassadors are highly respected youth leadership positions who have demonstrated leadership skills and have a strong desire to further develop leadership and promotional skills.  A 4-H Member in grades 9-12 who has a sincere desire and ability to promote the Greenwood County 4-H Program will make an excellent 4-H Ambassador.  For more information, check out the Ambassador Position Description!

What do 4-H Ambassadors do?

There are many things Ambassadors can be involved in a promotions committee for the Greenwood County 4-H program.  Examples are:

  • Promote Greenwood County 4-H! 
  • Develop and give presentations to schools and parent organizations
  • Plan and host 4-H informational meetings in the communities around the county.  Ambassadors may also fill hosting responsibilities at county events (welcome, emcee, and present awards), speak to community organizations, write promotional materials or stories for publication, speak on the radio, and other various duties as needed.
  • Plan 4-H activities and events to grow leadership and promote Greenwood county 4-H


An Ambassador Applicant must:

Be entering their freshman year or later and be willing to serve a two-year term. (Seniors may apply this year so we will have some alternating terms)

Be an active member of Greenwood County 4-H club for a minimum of 2 previous years.

Be responsible, accountable, and willing to learn and engage in active youth leadership.

Be willing to attend the Ambassador Training at Rock Springs in February.

How to apply:

Fill out the Ambassador Application and return it to the Extension Office by the deadline!  Late applications will not be accepted!

Two recommendation forms must accompany your application; each one in a separate sealed envelope. Recommendation forms may be completed by the following; your community club leader, a 4-H project leader, or school personnel. These forms will help support your application for 4-H Ambassador.

Two Recommendation Forms are due with your application.

Interviews will be scheduled. Applicants will be notified in advance of their interview date/time.