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Greenwood County

Food Safety

The Basics of Food Safety

     Fight BAC!fight bac

  1. CLEAN: Wash hands and surfaces often
  2. SEPARATE:Don't cross-contaminate!
  3. COOK:Cook to proper temperature
  4. CHILL:Refrigerate promptly

Disasters and Power OutagesSalvaging and handling food after power outages, floods and other disasters may raise questions and present challenges. Refer to this resource to help recover food from a disaster.

Food Storage 

Meat Safety

          Turkey, Chicken and Eggs
          Avian Influenza
         Wild Game and Birds

Serv Safe®- The ServSafe® program is a national certification program designed to teach safe handling practices to food service employees and others who handle and serve food to the public. The ServSafe® program in Kansas is provided by K-State Research and Extension in partnership with the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association. Call 620-583-7455 for more information about classes in or around Greenwood County.

Farmer's Market Safety