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Greenwood County

Farm Financial Series for Kansas Women in Agriculture 

January- February 2020

K-State Research and Extension, recognizes the financial stress that farmers and ranchers are experiencing due to low commodity prices and high input costs.  More than ever, financial management of the operation is critical to long-term sustainability.

This workshop series will teach principles of recordkeeping to develop  a balance sheet, income statement and a cash flow statement. Participants will work with a case farm to do performance analysis and understand how these statements can help with management decisions. Other special topics will include managing family living expenses, coping with mental stress and developing a whole-farm financial management plan.

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Walk Kansas

May-March 2020

Walk Kansas is an 8-week walking program encouraging family members, schoolmates, co-workers, friends, and neighbors to come together as a team. Participants will set goals for health and fitness. A Team Captain will recruit 5 people to make a 6-member team who will collectively walk 423 miles, the distance across Kansas.

This is an exceptional opportunity to promote health and fitness to the entire family, from small children to grandparents, while building family unity. It's a great way to enjoy time together as a group or one-on-one with a child or teenager. Elementary schools can also participate in the Walk Kansas For Kids program available through your County Extension Office. These programs are adaptable and your county agent can help in the planning process.