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Greenwood County

Lindsay's Newspaper Columns

We're All In This Together- Agriculture Suicide Prevention                            Storm Damage Trees

Bull Sale Season- Things To Consider                                                         Mulching Tomatoes

Houseplants Losing Leaves                                                                     Controlling Garden Pests

Blue Green Algae                                                                                  Overseeing Lawns in September

Farm Bill (2018)                                                                                   Weaning Strategies

Nitrate Toxicity & Prussic Acid                                             Amhydrous Ammonia Application to Dry Soil

Fall Planting of Bulbs

Low Stress Cattle Handling- Bud Box

Bull Soundness

Calving Season Preparations

Controlling Broadleaf Weed in the Fall

Controlling Marestail in Soybeans

Emergency Preparations for Livestock Producers

Forage Analysis

Industrial Hemp

Mustard- Good for Farmers

Starting Vegetable Plants from Seeds

Late Summer Burning

Transplant Vegetables

Weather Components to Consider During Burning Season 


Soil Sampling Accuracy

Musk Thistle Control


Poinsettia Care

New Year, New Records

Cattle Lice

Conducting A Safe Prescribed Burn


Diagnosing Early-Season Growth Problems in Corn