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Greenwood County


Greenwood County is located in the southeast portion of the state. Greenwood County is Kansas' fifth largest county in size covering 1,140 square miles of beautiful rolling hills and tall grass prairie. Its county seat and most populous city is Eureka.  Just one hour east of Wichita, which is the largest city in Kansas, it is the perfect blend of small-town rural life with big-city access.

The Greenwood County Extension Office agriculture program can assist you in answering your questions in regards to crop production, livestock production, horticulture, farm management, water quality, soil testing, plant identification, weed identification and many other agriculture related topics. 

Our office brings the community of Greenwood County different workshops and seminars to the area that will help educate producers on different technology, management techniques, and research that may assist them on their operation. 

If you have specific agriculture related questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office.  

Agriculture Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent
Ben Sims

Ben Sims