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Greenwood County

Volunteer Information

Thank you for considering volunteering to work with youth in Kansas 4-H. The Kansas 4-H Youth Development Program depends on adult volunteers to provide supportive mentoring, helping youth grow into true leaders.

Talking to the Extension Office is your first step in the volunteer process. You will then complete your application through 4-H Online. All Kansas 4-H volunteers must complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Screening process through the Extension Office to work with Kansas 4-H youth. The Extension Office will guide you through the process.

Kansas 4-H offers a wide variety of involvement opportunities for adult volunteers, from a one-time event or program to a multi-year experience as a club or project leader. There are many roles for volunteers, check with your local club and/or the Extension Office for more information.

Club Leader's Information

Thank you for volunteering to be a 4-H Club Leader.  Below are some useful links with information to assist you: