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Greenwood County

Volunteer Information

In order to volunteer in Kansas 4-H you MUST complete the entire volunteer application process. Those who have not completed the process ARE NOT permitted to volunteer in a private setting with Greenwood County 4-H Youth, and must be accompanied by a certified volunteer.

 Follow these steps to become a Volunteer

Use this guide to help you complete the steps. Volunteer Applicant Steps

Step 1: Enroll/re-enroll  in 4-H Online

Step 2: Apply or Renew your Volunteer Application; Renewal Form  

Step 3: Complete 2 background checks. Required for all new volunteers, and then every three years after.

Department of Children and Families Background Check  (Bring or mail this form to the Extension Office when completed)

Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Step 4: Complete Volunteer Orientation in 4-H Online. Required for all new volunteers, and every three years after.

Click here for how to get started on completing orientation.

VIP Resources

VIP Video Intro

VIP Video 1

VIP Video 2

VIP Video 3

VIP Video 4