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Greenwood County

4-H Club Days

4-H Club Day is an event which gives participants an opportunity to tell others about their 4-H projects and demonstrate their talents and abilities. Presentations such as talks, demonstrations, speeches, skits, music and dance are judged and awarded ribbons. The public is invited to come, watch and learn more about our 4-H and Youth Development Program.

  •  County 4-H Club Day will be February 10, 2018 at the Hamilton School
  •  Regional 4-H Club Days will be March 17, 2018 at the Madison High   School


Greenwood County 4-H Favorite Food Show

The Favorite Food Show is an exhibit and contest to encourage 4-H’ers to learn about meal planning, food preparation, and presentation.  This is a creative and fun event for 4-Hers.  A “Favorite Food” is chosen, and is recommended that it is one the 4-H’er likes and likes to prepare. A menu is planned with the food, and the table decor is coordinated. Foods chosen may be main courses, desserts, snacks, breads, casseroles or any other.

 A recipe card and a menu card should be displayed with the proper table setting. The 4-Her will visit informally with the judge and tell how to prepare and serve the food, why they selected the table service and dishes, and why the centerpiece is appropriate. The 4-Her should also know some of the nutritional value of the food and be able to discuss that with the judge.

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Sunny Hills Camp will take place June 3-6, 2018 at Rock Springs 4-H Camp.

Camp Registration Form

Camp Counselor Application