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Greenwood County

 What Exactly is 4-H? 

The Network of Families that Grow Great Kids!

4-H is a membership of youth across Kansas learning leadership, citizenship,clover and life skills. Caring adults that support our programs are essential for youth to achieve their potential based on knowledge, guidance, respect, and skills they share with our youth.

Each of the four H's of the clover represent ways youth gain self-confidence, self-esteem, grow and develop.             Not to mention good friends along the way!

  • Head, critical thinking, problem solving.
  • Heart, self-discipline, integrity,communication.
  • Hands,serving our community and others.
  • Health, choosing healthy lifestyles.


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8   Horse Project Mtg 3:30 Extension Office
10  SELF Registration Deadline
12  SEA KAP's Eligible Deadline due in Extension Office
15  4-H Council meeting 7:30 p.m. Neal Community Building
15  Horse Panorama Registration Deadline
15  4-H State Scholarships due in Extension Office 
15  Citizenship Washington Focus Registration  Deadline
15  Citizenship in Action (CIA) Registration Deadins
16 Horse Project Mtg 5:45 Extension Office
19 SEA KAP Screening- Matt Samuels Building
22 Horse Project Mtg 5:45 Extension Office
26 Junk in the Bucket Registration Due in Extension Office
26-28 Horse Panorama Rock Springs Conference Center


9  Fair Theme Ideas Due in Extension Office
10  County 4-H Days, Hamilton
18-19 Citizenship in Action (CIA) Topeka 


17  Regional 4-H Days, Madison
17 KS Jr Producer Days- Sheep  
24 KS Jr Producer Days  Beef